Nebosh course in Chennai after lock down

NEBOSH The Professional Course :

Greetings to All we are in Lock down version 4.0. There are some relaxations provided by the government. Train transportation for public is to be started. In some states bus transportation have also started.

Most of the Industries have also started their operations. Hopefully they are following the rules mentioned by the government including social distancing.

Due to the head to maintain social distancing in all public transport there will be a shop increase in the fares.

Due to the need to follow the government regulations in the Industries, there is a great chance for the increase in the rates of all the commodities.

The role of safety professionals will be more crucial in the post covid-19 scenario. Nebosh course in Chennai is a world wide recognized course for the safety professionals.

Nebosh Certificates are considered as a professional mark in the field of the Health and safety. Nebosh, to be updated with current scenario and developments have introduced new syllabus.

International General Certificate :

The new syllabus International General certificate has two paper, one theory and second one is practical application. The First paper of new syllabus International general certificate of Nebosh course in Chennai, deals with management of Health and safety in the work pace.

The First paper of new syllabus International General Certificate of Nebosh Course in Chennai, is a theory paper and the exams will be conducted. Nebosh Course in Chennai, theory paper will have eleven question and all the questions should be answered.

The second paper of new syllabus Nebosh course in Chennai is a practical application. It is primarily based on to check the understanding and application of the risk assessment process.

The basic idea of the second paper of new syllabus Nebosh course in Chennai is to make the learner to visit a work place and identity minimum ten hazard in at least five different categories of the Hazard.