NEBOSH question paper | NEBOSH ig 1 question paper2020

NEBOSH ig 1 question paper model-1


1.a)What are activities requires P.T.W and give reason(6)what are the reasons for ineffective PTW(6). Give the reason why workers should be involved in s.s.w(4).Why S.S.W should be written form(4)

2) What are the consequences, if an organisation is not complying with Health and safety Legislation(4)What are the Health and safety responsibilities of employee(4)

3) Give the ways in which the organisation shall encourage their employees to behave in a positive manner(8)

4)What are societal reasons for maintaining the  Health and safety(4) give the purpose of the employers Liability Insurance(4).

5)What are the purpose of Health and Safety Policy(3)Who should sign Health and safety policy and why(3).what shall be set as Health and safety performance target(2)

6)Give the immediate and Long Term actions to be taken, when there is an accident in the workplace(8).

7)What are the things that disturbs the perception of the people in workplace(8)

8)Give the reasons that discourage the people from reporting an incident(4)outline the advantages of checklist

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NEBOSH question paper Model-2


1)Why an Organisation should have an emergency procedure(5)What are the types of emergency that requires for safe evacuation of people from work place(3) How the Organisation will test the extinguisher of the emergency procedure(2). What are the qualifications and factors when selecting a person for First aid(5) Why First aid is important(3). What are the important elements of First aid(2).

2)Give the reason why verbal communication may not reach the people(4).Give What information should be displayed in Health and safety notice boards(4).

3)What are the responsibilities of worker in health and safety(5)What are the rights of the worker(3)

4)Give the Social reason for monitoring the Health and safety in the work place(8)

5)Why an organisation should set health and safety performance target(3)What are the contents of Health and safety arrangement section(5)

6)Give the indicates used to assess health and safety negative safety culture(8).

7)Give the reason for reporting an incident(3).Why an accident should be investigated(5)

8)Give the difference between active and reactive monitoring(3)What are the advantages of checklist(2)Disadvantages of internal audit(3)

9)What are the criteria for suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment(8).

10)Draw and explain the Health and safety signs(8)

11)Give the Factors to be considered while developing the safe system of work(5).Give the Powers of enforcement agency(3)