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NEBOSH Course details 

Nebosh international general certificate comprises of  Two units such us:

  1. Unit Ig1 : Question Paper               –  24 hours
  2. Unit Ig2 : Practical Assessment    –  3 Hours


nebosh course in chennai
Nebosh course fees

NEBOSH Unit IG1 : Management of health and safety
Theory Paper

  • Element 1: Why we should Manage Workplace Health and Safety
  • Element 2: How Health and Safety Management Systems Work and What They Look Like
  • Element 3: Managing Risk – Understanding people and Processes
  • Element 4: Health and Safety Monitoring and Measuring

NEBOSH Unit IG2: Management of health and safety
Practical Assessment

  • Element 5: Physical and Psychological Health
  • Element 6: Musculoskeletal Health
  • Element 7: Chemical and Biological Agents
  • Element 8: General Workplace issues
  • Element 9: Work Equipment
  • Element 10: Fire
  • Element 11: Electricity


Nebosh Open book exam for IGC has been a revolutionary change made by Nebosh to counter attack the restrictions Created by pandemic Situation of 2020 – 21. Nebosh Open book exam allows the candidates to refer book, notes or any other digital resources to find suitable and sufficient answers for the questions.

Nebosh course Fees

Nebosh course fees is ₹36,999/-but differs from institute to institute furthermore there is no fixed fees for this course. For  seasonal Offer Nebosh Course Fees is cutoff to ₹36,999/- only. Try to accumulate this Offer.

46,999 INR (Nebosh IGC + IOSH MS +5 Certificate)

S.No Course Fees
1 Nebosh IGC + IOSH MS +5 Certificate 46,999
2 Nebosh IGC + Internal Audit + 5 CPD 44,999
3 Nebosh IGC ₹36,999
4 Nebosh IGC + US Medic First Aid + 5CPD ₹39,999


NEBOSH safety course

In most cases the candidates with NEBOSH safety course candidates usually gets job with a guided search and focus.

  1. Nebosh Courses is an internationally recognizes HDS course and this certificate are accepted world wide.
  2. Consequently For this reason Nebosh course are in high demand. In addition to this most companies accepts candidates with NEBOSH Certificates.
  3. There are course providers in chennai,

Nebosh Course in chennai is an interesting and at the same time challenging course, designed to Face the international workplace environment.

NEBOSH Course is easy, when there is a proper class room  training, revision, coaching, Mock test, from the course provide side and honest and focused preparation from students end.

Many candidates have fear to join and Face the NEBOSH examination.The Main Footer behind is fear of english language. For example: when Indian cricket players move to England, they should be ready to face the swing and bounce. They should practice and prepare for England pitch.

Same way, when a student from India wish to write U.K based Nebosh exam, he has to practice and prepare, by exercising extra efforts and seeking guidance from the professional and experienced tutor.


Qualification grades:  The qualification grade is based on the result from Unit IG1

Distinction: 75 marks or higher

Credit: 65 – 74 marks

Pass: 45 – 64 marks

IG2 act as a Practical Session

Nebosh Mode of Study

Now there is two option for studying NEBOSH course. One is online classes and other one is direct mode.Learners can use this opportunities to complete the course. NEBOSH international general certificate course has two papers. One is ig 1 which deals with health and safety management systems and another paper is IG 2 which deals with workplace hazards and control measures. To get the certificate the students have to clear both the papers ig 1 and ig 2

Nebosh exam dates