Fire and safety Officer Course Qualification

Safety Officer

The vocation of Safety officer will be so great with high pay Jobs. To end up a Safety Officer there are numerous Courses. Some of them are Diploma Courses and they are said underneath. See.

 Qualification Criteria:

 The necessity to do the Diploma is tenth.

 In this Diploma in Fire and Safety Courses There are some Sub Courses. They are: 

  • Diploma in flame and security Engineering 
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety 
  • Diploma in Construction Safety 
  • Diploma in Oil and Gas Safety 
  • Diploma in Electrical Safety 
  • Diploma in Fire Fighting 
  • Certificate in Fire and Safety Engineering 
  • PG Diploma in flame and Safety Engineering 
  • PG Diploma in Health, Safety and Environment 

These are the Diploma Courses separated from these courses there are some different Courses They are: 

  • Diploma in fire and safety 
  • PG confirmation fire security 
  • Diploma fire security building 
  • Diploma electrical security 
  • fire battling in Chennai 
  • Diploma in development security 
  • Diploma modern security Chennai

 Syllabus Details: 

Here are the couple of Modules from the Syllabus of Safety Officer Course 

Module: 1

 Title: Course Introduction Terminal Learning Objectives: Identify course destinations and position-particular asset materials for the situation of Safety Officer.

 Module: 2

 Title: Overview of the Safety Officer Role Terminal Learning Objectives: Describe the parts and duties of the Safety Officer in taking on the position and making a state of mind of fire and safety at an occurrence.

 Module: 3

 Title: Obtaining Incident Safety Information Terminal Learning Objectives: Identify the data that the Safety Officer must acquire when starting work on an occurrence, and talk about strategies for social occasion that data. Course Syllabus Page 3 of 6 All Hazards: Safety Officer Version 2, October 2012 second Printing

 Module: 4

 Title: Identifying Hazards and Risks Terminal Learning Objectives: Understand the refinement between a peril and a danger, and recognize circumstances and activities that are of high significance to the Safety Officer.

 Module: 5

 Title: Prioritize and Manage Hazards and Risks Terminal Learning Objectives: Describe a few methods that can be utilized to organize dangers for relief, and additionally a few sorts of moderation and mischance aversion.