Safety Officer Salary Range


Roles and Responsibility for Safety Officer

Safety officers are responsible for monitoring daily activities in the workplace and ensuring that everyone following the safety regulations. The main role of their job is to minimize occupational injuries, accidents, and health problems. Their job roles are monitoring the behavior of coworkers and correcting unsafe conduct; they give safety training to coworkers in order to ensure that they are fully aware of safety standards. This may involve circulating reading and instructional material, running or establishing educational programs.

The safety policies in a company are even stricter than governmental regulations, so it’s main for safety officers to know their company complete minimum requirements. Along with inspecting and training, Safety officer may also be required to examine and replace safety equipment, which differs depending on the nature of their work. They must also be able to manage their employees in case of emergency.

Safety officers can work in a various field and their working hours are typically full-time. They must have good communication skills. Workplace can be either indoor or outdoor, depending the industry. Required health and safety certification.

Daily Tasks

  • Develop, train, impose, and audit safety standards and regulations.
  • Document safety policies, training, regulations, compliance, and adverse events.
  • To evaluate safety needs and policies.
  • Monitor and maintain and make changes to procedures.

Safety Officer Salary

Salary – Rs 177,174 – Rs 710,976

Bonus – Rs 1,947 – Rs 96,095

Profit Sharing – Rs 0.00 – Rs 223,820

Commission – Rs 50,868

Total Pay – Rs 178,482 – Rs 767,240