Covid-19 and health and safety science

Health and safety with naturalism :

Now a days there is no subject is complete, until there is an involvement of novel corona virus covid-19.

This novel corona virus covid-19, there is a trillion dollar question. that is whether it is natural or Human made virus. Okay let us leave this discussion to unbiased(?) organization like world health organization or technical health experts like Mr: Donald J : and newly joined expert in this elite category

Mr.Nithin ji .

There is no definite answer or even an assumption, when there will be complete end to this corona virus.

This corona virus has changed the definition of super power and strong leader.

The counties which were considered as super power until yesterdays, seem to loose their position. They are tumbling.

The leaders who were considered as strong, seems fragile. until yesterday the world was ruled by trumphism, putinism and jinpingism. But in near Future the world may be ruled by healthism, hygienism and naturalism.

Fire and safety course in Chennai also paused due to this covid-19

The natural is slowly healing and recovering…In same manner we Human also have to return to our normal routine.

Our National Health secretary and world health organization has instructed us to learn to live with our new foe, what is corona virus.

Let us discuss some new normal routine.after mask will become mandatory, when we are in and one of our work place.

Keeping away, that is maintaining social distancing have to followed in all places.Wash hands regularly Eat health foods to modify them solves and new thing quickly.

Let us learn safety from safety professional through online