Safety plan & Safety Challenge

safety field
  1. Introduction and Scope

This is particularly appropriate for those who work in remote locations where emergency response support and medical facilities are less available or where environmental conditions or safety regulations

  1. Responsibility

Responsibility for safety begins with the persons involved in the project. The oversight duty for safety in field research rests upon the persons who directly supervise and carry out the research. Such persons are expected to prepare themselves accordingly and to apply due to industry principles to their activities. This means that troubled parties give due attention to the risks associated with each location and kind of field research, as well as having eventuality plans to deal with emergencies that may occur. This also means that members in these activities must be duly informed as to the risks involved and consent to the means for controlling such risks.

  1. Planning and Preparation

Normally this valuation is conducted by the Unit/Department heading up the project, however, if the threats involved fall outside of the expertise of the research group it is required that suitable expertise is obtained to assist.

safety plan

The Following Planning and preparation includes,

  • Identifying the dangers associated with the project
  • Assessing the hazards associated with the project
  • Determining the controls required to manage the risk to a satisfactory level
  • Tapping in place a safety plan to address the risks
  • Getting departmental unit clearance
  • Training and preparing the participants
  • Assigning and recording the tasks and roles and responsibilities of all of the participants
  • Recommending participants of risks and obtaining their informed consent to participate and to agree to the means of controlling the risks
  • Assuring a satisfactory state of health and vaccination status of the participants
  • Preparing first aid and emergency supplies.
  • Preparation of any dangerous materials for their safe transportation
  • Arranging for suitable transportation to and from the site
  • Arranging for adequate food and accommodations
  • Preparing eventuality plans for emergency transport, provisions, accommodations, medical care.
  • Safeguarding leadership of the project on a continuous basis
  • Counseling the necessary authorities regarding insurances including medical, travel and general liability

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