Fire Engineering: Scope & Career Opportunities

Fire Engineering

What is Fire Engineering?

Fire engineering is one of the hardest and demanding fields which deals with the prevention of fire. It is a risky profession which requires a strong sense of commitment to public services. It deals with prevention and protection.

career in fire and safety engineering

What does a Fire Engineer do?

A fire engineer has to adjust to changes as quickly as possible. Fire engineering also deals with minimizing the causality which happens on a daily basis by providing safety measure and increasing the parameters of the standard of living. It helps one understands the phenomena of fire and the effect of it.

What are the skills required to be a fire engineer?

Good communication skills, Organizational Skills.  Leadership.

Educational qualification For Fire Engineering?

Diploma Fire and Safety Engineering

Job prospects in Fire Engineering:

Can get a job either in government or private. Other industries such as chemical or inflammable products manufacturing firms like petroleum refineries, textiles, fertilizers, etc.

What are the job titles under Fire Engineering?

Design Engineer

Fire prevention engineer

Fire protection engineer

Loss control manager

Fire & Safety Engineer pay scale: The average pay is Rs 264,932 per year.

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